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Automate, optimize and monitor all your digital campaigns from a single platform! Boost your company’s scalability.

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Google, Facebook, Amazon, anyone you want! The more you add, the better: Amplifier will be able to study your customers and users much better.

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Log in to the platforms and the integration is done!

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Amplifier will keep an eye on the performance and budget

Digital Marketing made simple.

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At a low cost, Amplifier will study your audience and communicate with potential customers, offering them what they want to buy.

Stores or businesses that do not have a website

Amplifier helps you capture quality leads, even if you don't have a website.


Amplifier will help you grow your audience, retain customers and increase conversion rates.

Marketing Departments

Our software brings all your channels together on a single platform.

Be smart. Work efficiently.

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Invest just 15 minutes a day.

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Get simple graphs and reports.


Amplifier optimizes the bids for each keyword.

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No, our prices do not include VAT.

The fact that it’s a platform very simple to view, manage and analyze really makes a difference. Amplifier makes Digital Marketing simple, even when you don’t understand any of it.

We accept payments by Direct Debit and Credit Card.

We would like you to stay. But if you don’t want to continue, we accept cancellations with a 30-day notice before the invoice is issued.

Of course, you do. We offer support by email, chat, or call.

You can give up on Amplifier without any additional costs. You will have no commitment period. You only have to notify 30 days before the invoice is issued. However, we challenge you to give up!


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